Clinical Outcomes


Whitney is excited to share…

Benchmark Data:

Mobility National Average 17.44 vs Whitney Rehabilitation 19.4

Self-care National Average 7.65 vs Whitney Rehabilitation 5.8

Patients who recover at Whitney Rehab are exceeding the national benchmark for improved mobility inclusive of ambulation, transfer skills and stair negotiation. Whitney Rehab is also striving to maximize improvement with self-care and quickly approaching the national average; our low incidence of needing increased assistance with ADLs is a positive indicator that we are moving in the right direction!

Whitney Rehabilitation exceeds national averages for incidence of pressure ulcers, falls, antipsychotic use, impaired mobility, need for increased ADL assistance, catheter use and incidence of UTI as calculated by the national quality indicator reporting by CMS.


Whitney Rehabilitation is very proud and excited to share the success rate of our STR residents who were able to return to home. For the 3rd quarter of 2022 95% of patients admitted (152) from area hospitals were able to return to their homes after receiving 2 – 3 weeks of short-term rehabilitation.

A few of our successes


Mr Michaud has chosen Whitney Rehab twice this past year due to the need for IV antibiotics (one of the many services at Whitney Rehabilitation) and inpatient rehabilitation, to return to an independent level of function. We were honored to have him choose our facility as his granddaughter is part of the occupational therapy staff, a compliment to any facility when staff family members choose your center. Claude was able to complete his course of antibiotics and return to home where he lives with his spouse.

Claude Michaud

Mrs. Vanacore was admitted to Whitney Rehab following a fall at home where she experienced multiple rib fractures. She was unable to return to home safely because she lives alone and needed assistance. Judy actively participated with the Occupational Therapy team to regain her ability to perform all self-care tasks, showering, meal prep and basic home management. She also worked with the Physical Therapy team to regain independence with her ambulation, balance, and ability to climb stairs and was able to safely return home in just over two weeks. Our social services team assisted Judy to select a local homecare agency to continue her rehabilitation right in her own home.

Judith Vanacore

19-day length of stay

Mrs Edwards was admitted to Whitney Rehab following a hospitalization for COVID 19 and multiple falls at home. Upon admission Alice participated with our Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy and Speech therapy team to improve her ability with functional mobility, self-care skills and improve her swallowing skills to return to an independent level of function. Alice decided, at 94 years old, she was ready to live in a supported environment and have the caring staff at Whitney Rehabilitation provide everything she needed making Whitney Rehabilitation her permanent home. We are so honored to have Alice choose Whitney Rehabilitation.

Alice Edwards