Rehab Services are different at Whitney Rehabilitation Care Center


Does Whitney Rehabilitation Care Center Offer Clinical Programs?

Absolutely! Whitney Rehabilitation Care Center provides nursing programs as well as individualized rehab pathways that are measurable, modifiable, and tailored to the individual client and populations needs.

Our programs and pathways work together and are interconnected with outcomes driving each process and education decision. We provide the nursing and rehab staff the education and support they need to address patient opportunities and performance gaps and then customize a rehab treatment pathway to optimize patient success.

Our Quality Library is a robust hub of education tools, guidance, evidence-based practice solutions, clinical practice guidelines, and resources all customizable to suit the unique needs of any community.

Patient motivation and compliance are also very important to successful execution of programs. We offer guidance to address any type of barrier whether it is a negative behavior, low motivation, non-compliance, etc. Reduction of an adverse event is a great demonstration of a rehab-driven desired outcome!

In-House Advantage


Therapists are employees of Whitney

Unified nursing & therapy collaboration

Robust clinical resources to address individual needs

Higher staff satisfaction

Outcome Pathways

  • Incontinence Improvement

  • Dementia Management

  • Exercise & Health Promotion

  • Fall Prevention

  • Discharge Planning & Safe Transitions Home

  • Mobility & Activities of Daily Living

  • Posture & Pain Management

  • Skin & Contractures

  • Swallowing & Communication Disorders

  • Cardiopulmonary

  • Stroke & Neurologic Rehabilitation

  • Orthopedic & Post-Surgery Recovery

  • Post-COVID Recovery


Quality Improvement & Education:

Rehab's Triple Aim Approach

Physical Therapy

  • Fall Prevention

  • Functional Mobility & Safety

  • Pain Management

Occupational Therapy

  • Activities of Daily Living (bathing, dressing, toileting)

  • Contracture Management

  • Strengthening & Balance Activities


Speech Therapy

  • Cognitive Function

  • Communication Skills

  • Swallowing & Diet Modification

Program Cycle