3 Surprising Reasons Why you Should Exercise

seniors exercising on bikes

There are plenty of reasons to exercise. Exercise isn’t good for just your muscles. It may surprise you to learn that exercise helps with your moods and increases your brain power. It will surely surprise you to learn that it doesn’t matter at what age you start.

Never Too Late to Start

A new study at the University of Birmingham found that men in their 70s and 80s who had never followed an exercise regimen could build muscle mass as well as master athletes. Master athletes were those of the same age who had worked out throughout their lives and still competed at the top levels of their sports.

The researchers took muscle biopsies from both groups in the 48 hours before and after a single weight-training session on an exercise machine. The men were also given an isotope tracer before the workout in order to track how proteins were developing in their muscles. Seems clear that the master athletes would be better able to build muscle during exercise, right?

Surprise! Researchers found that both groups had an equal capacity to build muscle. Seems like it’s never too late to start.

Good for the Brain

Exercise helps your brain too. A new study on memory, sharpness, judgment and reasoning showed that participants who moved faster and farther over a two-minute walking test performed better on thinking tests than their less-fit peers. Fitter men and women were also found to have healthier nerve fibers across the white matter portion of the brain. White matter is what your brain uses for high-quality neural communication. , the researchers noted.

What’s the connection between a strong body and a strong brain? Possibly, a better blood supply to the brain means a stronger brain. This means:

  • Less inflammation, which is good for your brain.
  • Better nerve-fiber insulation.
  • More growth across nerve cells and nerve connections.

Great for your Mood

Exercise can impact on your mood. Some doctors believe that exercise can be just as effective as anti-depressants in treating mild-to-moderate depression. If you want to do it right, go for Green Exercise. That means exercising in nature. Even five minutes exercising in nature can lift your mood. When you’re feeling down, a walk through the park might be worth a try.

A surprise benefit of green exercise is that exposing your body to plants can also improve your immune system. Scientists think that airborne chemicals from plants can also protect us against bacteria and viruses.

Go for it…your muscles, brain and mood will thank you.

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