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….….nobody wants to go to rehab, but if you need rehab, Whitney is the place to go!


It’s pleasant, nice people. A lot of different things to do, we have good recreation. In the summertime we get to go out in the courtyard for picnics and socials.


There’s good service, there is always an activity if you choose to get involved. The people are very nice and pleasant. Most go out of the way to make you feel special and that’s greatly appreciated.


The way the staff is responsive to us. Activities help us mingle and keep us all entertained, they always keep us busy. They also provide lots of musical entertainment. I really enjoy our out trips. Our meals can be served in our dining room or in our rooms, whichever makes us feel more comfortable. We …

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I like the personel, our aides, and the medical staff are very efficient, concerned about our well-being, and conscientious.


What can I say? I appreciate the nurses, they do more than they should for us. I appreciate the food and I like the musicians that come to sing for us. We love the music and when the church comes in for mass.


It’s been wonderful since I’ve been here. The people are nice and I can’t complain about anything. The staff has been terrific! They are pleasant and nice.


The people are nice, both the staff and the residents. The accommodations are good and we are treated well. I have friends and we like the food, entertainment and my rosary group.


The staff is very congenial and the administration is very good to us. I’ve met some nice friends here. The food is ok and I love the amusement part like bingo and the entertainment.


I have been here since November of 2013. That’s 5 years and I can do what I want and I have made good friends here. The people and staff are good to me and I love going to bingo.