Dementia Program


Whitney Rehabilitation Care Center partners with Preferred Therapy Solutions on the Dementia Program.

This program is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach for the education, treatment and monitoring of residents with dementia. This program is designed to ensure that all residents identified as having dementia are part of the “Just My Journey” program, with a goal of keeping the patient functioning at their optimal physical and cognitive abilities. Residents who have a dementia or dementia related diagnosis, as well as Alzheimer’s disease, would most benefit from the Dementia Program.


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  • Develop an interdisciplinary treatment plan based on the specific stage of dementia a resident presents based upon testing.
  • Determine the resident’s baseline functional status through a comprehensive assessment by all team members.
  • Provide education to the resident and family members on the disease process.
  • Develop an interdisciplinary discharge plan, based on individual resident needs.

  • Treatment approach based on the specific stage of the resident.
  • Use of the clinical model for communication techniques and consistency, including the “90-second rule”.
  • Establish functional independence modification for activities of daily living and mobility as the resident moves through stages.
  • Use of the “Just My Journey” model to establish a comprehensive daily plan to facilitate resident independence and quality of life.

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